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Sunday, 10 September 2006

Just muddling along

I was trying to word what I would write in my blog and got to thinking about the Oval. The Oval, in Port Elizabeth, was an athletics sports track with a field in the center. It was used by the local schools for athletics day and field games. My title for my blog was going to be 'running in circles', but it should have been, 'running in ovals'. I have this sensation of running around and around looking for the starting line - never mind the finish line. In front of me is a 'to do' list. I look at it daily. The items are so varied and so unrelated to each other that I simply usually don't know where to start and often don't get started at all as a result.

Tonight was pancake night. Pancake night on a Sunday is traditional in our little family.... a tradition that started when Tatiana was around 4. Oh, pancakes, for us, are thickish crepes... not the paper-thin French type... and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. We absolutely pig out (talk about killing sugar cravings!) Of course, its not always cinnamon sugar. If I have other goodies that go well in pancakes, we have that. Nothing slimming, of course. Sometimes savoury mince (ground beef) or chicken in white sauce, or whatever. When Tat was little, we used to do the pancakes in the lounge and make them while watching Disney. I would haul out our camping gas drum and cook the pancakes as we watched. That poor pancake pan made pancakes for our school fetes when I was in primary school. Jorge replaced the handle for me a couple of years ago and its feeling like its going again. I really think its time for a new pan.

To those that read this blog, have a simply wonderful week!

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