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Monday, 04 September 2006

Falling off the bandwagon

Its been a while since I blogged. No apologies :) I always said I was the world's worst at keeping journals or diaries.

Hm... new and newsy?

Tatiana did her stint in South Africa. Many lessons learnt and an enriching experience for her. I need to look back in my blog to see if I wrote about that time. It wasn't a good time for me. I hankered to go home myself, but wanted her to see her country of birth and learn to love it as I do. At the same time, it was extremely hard letting go of my daughter and friend for so long. She came home changed too. New attitudes, renewed goals and full of... verve! Gosh, I haven't heard or used that word in years. For those who are bound to ask, it refers to enthusiasm, vigour, spirit, vivaciousness (not that she's ever lacked any of that).

Jorge has just returned from his stint in Lithuania. He's in love. I just know that if we showed the slightest inclination, he'd pack our bags and ship us off to live there. He took no less than 6 dvd's worth of photos! We haven't even looked at the video footage he took yet. As soon as I have been through the photos - how on earth will I choose? - I will put a selection up on my site. Watch this space for news. Jorge is thrilled with his family up there. They treated him well and he discovered a lot about his ancestry and got the documents he needs for his EU passport.

Its nose back to the grindstone now though. All the holidaying and traipsing around the globe is at an end for a while. I'm working very hard on getting Seal Restore going and actually earning for us. Then there's More than Molly, where I now sell my graphics related goodies. The store is looking good with stuff for digital scrappers and those wanting to print clipart, bookmarks and greeting cards too, not to mention note paper and so much more. I'm branching out into gsd files for Craftrobo and Wishblade too. Hey, something there for everyone! =)

My to-do list for tomorrow is looking far too long. I need to go shopping before anything else gets done. Nooooo fun! I think I am going to go back to preparing my monthly menu's. Its such a big help knowing in advance what to buy and cook. Not tonight though. I'm past my bedtime and am trying to get rid of this horrible cold before it gets me down.

Have a great Spring to those of you who, like me, are in the southern hemisphere. Apparently the south of Brazil has had -10°C (14°F) temps with snow, so we're heading into a cold front for our spring. Not too bad, considering our winter has been a milder version of summer.

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  1. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Gosh it's been along time since i've been in and read your blog...you've been up to alot since i've last talked to you! Seems we've all become very busy in our lives as of late...your a very creative person, and everything looks wonderful on your site.



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