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Sunday, 29 May 2005

A Saturday night

T and I are sitting at the pc's. She's on messenger and playing with graphics - manga, to be precise. She's just made us our nightly cup of coffee. Its just after midnight. I would love to put my headphones on the way she does, but then I miss the action in the street. There's a huge group of 'jovens' going around causing mischief. They seem to be associated with the crowd in the appartments across the road. I'm worried that they'll do something to the dogs. The were heading to the gate earlier when I showed my face. Then there was the idiot who had to stop his fancy car to go to the toilet against our post. I said something to the effect of, "hey dog, don't you have toilets in your house?" I was fortunate this time... he was suitably embarrassed and moved off after apologising profusely. They're not all like that. I have on occasion 'washed the filth off my sidewalk'. It frustrates me that we have to switch the water off at night, but its no good trying to sort out the leak under the house when we'll be moving in a few months.

A came over today. We listened to music and told stories of when we were kids and when our kids were little. It was pleasant. J went across to get beer and stayed there. He hates these all-female gatherings lol

I'm glad A came over. We were both, J and I, feeling very depressed today after yesterday's letdown. A makes me laugh... that is good

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