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Saturday, 28 May 2005

A brush with the law

Hm... I'll still get the hang of this darn blog thing. I had typed reams (felt like it) when I decided to do a spell check. All my typing was promptly wiped out *rolls eyes and would like to swear but good sense says it won't achieve anything*

We went to the Federal police today to get my Brazilian residency. To give them some credit, the whole place was clean and gave a good impression, unlike my 'fond' memories of Home Affairs. I wish their efficiency matched. J has been there countless times to check that the documents we are presenting are correct. A year ago, they said I need a police clearance certificate from SA. I have one, but its expired now. Apparently they're only valid for 2 years. After a year of really struggling to get that darn certificate and not succeeding (a very long subject for another day when I'm calmer about it), they tell us it isn't necessary. Ok... so we only delayed a year... what's the fuss??? *mutters a few choice words* This morning early, Jorge went in, presented the whole pile of documents and heard what we've been waiting for: "perfect". Woohoo! So we all traipse in looking like a picture of 'happy families' with smiles that would charm a dragon off its egg (gee, that's corny!). We present this 3 inch thick wad of papers. Everything is perfect. Then she asks for proof of payment and Lo! We're gonged out! The proof of payment is in J's name, not mine. I ask you.... ! Now we have to pay again (in my name, of course), then apply to the Federal police for a refund of the original payment, which is a process in itself requiring proof of address, proof of ID, proof of mother, father and grandparent's ID's, proof you wash your underwear regularly... and so on. Six months later, we might see the money. Hope we get it before we move on for greener pastures.

Can I say 'deflated'? I was so hyped up at finally getting this far, only to be stumped at the end. We got home, I thrashed the dog for digging, went into the bathroom and cried. Ok, so I'm soft, but 6 years of waiting has taken its toll.

More on documentation. My very dear friend is using her contact at Foreign affairs in SA to get the police clearance certs, which we need for Canada. I think we had better apply for local ones too - wonder how long that takes. I'll do it as soon as I have my RG in hand.

By the way... I mentioned www.sacanada.org... Its wonderful! The people are super and the help and support is invaluable!

Tomorrow morning, I'm going with A to do some shopping. She needs fencing to keep her dog from digging in the garden. Then I want to take her to a clothing shop I just heard of. She may be able to impress the new CG by taking her there lol Hope we don't get lost! hahaha!

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