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Sunday, 07 April 2013

Daylight savings time saves what exactly?

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Those who know me well know I have huge issues with daylight saving time. Yes, it is nice to have longer evenings, but it's so unnatural! My personal gripe stems from not having the sun where I expect it to be at noon. It takes me ages to adjust.

Why did it then come as such a surprise when I found an article on wildlife deaths due to daylight savings time?

http://goo.gl/PExcu - This link goes to the translated version of a Danish site

In short, animals that usually use the quieter hours of the morning to cross busy roads suddenly find themselves in peak traffic. As a result, many are killed, at least, until they, like me, finally adjust their own 'clocks' to our manipulation.

Can someone tell me why we really Need DST??



  1. Can someone tell me why we really Need DST?? It's very simple: Light is more healthy than darkness.

    1. Hi Amalie! Sorry I'm so late with responding. I've only now seen that I have comments on this post!

      I believe you're right... light is healthy, but at the same time, the natural order of things has given us as many daylight hours as we need (if we choose to use them and actually go outside to enjoy the sunshine) and a night in which to rest.

  2. YOu are so very right, Corrianne. I was not aware you had DST in the UK, but I do battle so with my mother's time zones in Denmark, in my winter, her summer, we are on the same time zone. In my summer, her winter, she is one hour behind me, so I have to phone at 10am, instead of 9am. Eish, well and the poor animals getting all confused too.

    1. Hi Marianne! So sorry to only respond now. As I said to Amalie, I didn't know there were comments on this post.

      The time zones between countries give me nightmares. Keeping up with everyone's time zones is bad enough without throwing DST into the mix. What's worse is that in some countries, the different provinces change at different times too, never mind the countries all changing on different dates.

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