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Monday, 18 March 2013

Nature’s cleaner


Back when we worked at Killruddery, I discovered Nature’s handcleaner. In years past, we’ve always used all sorts of lotions and potions to clean our hands when we had no bathroom facilities on hand. Working with the animals and often giving the pigs some fairly greasy kitchen leftovers and then washing the containers, one day, I, in desperation, wiped my hands on the wet grass. It was amazing! It cut through the grease far quicker than most soaps would! I found myself a lush clump of grass and swished out the containers… Granted, not sparkly kitchen clean, but clean enough that I didn’t have to carry dirty containers back and… my hands were clean!

Since then, grass has become my first choice for cleaning when I’m out of doors and it just feels so good!


  1. Yes, Tint, wet grass is a wonderful quick clean as I discovered too, years ago, when having greasy hands after mixing feed for the horses. You don't want to see the back of my pants or the front of my t-shirt when working outdoors. I am terrible, I tend to just wipe my hands on anything handy and then down my butt. LOL

    Great to see you around again.

    1. Somehow, animal feed ends up being greasy... or at least grubby. I'm afraid I have the same compulsive habit... the back of my pants generally looks terrible lol I think I use that because I can't see it (on the basis of "if I can't see it, no one can"... yeah right!). I've been trying to blog, but I generally post from my phone and, for some reason, my posts to blogger fail every time. Bah.

  2. I will remember that, great tip! Love the picture.


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