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Friday, 24 August 2012


Vir dié wat sukkel met Afrikaans tik, veral daai kappies en doitjies...

Char. Keystroke 1Keystroke 2UnicodeChar.Keystroke 1Keystroke 2 Unicode
á Alt+0225Alt+160 00E1Á Alt+0193- 00C1
â Alt+0226Alt+131 00E2Â Alt+0194- 00C2
è Alt+0232Alt+138 00E8È Alt+0200- 00C8
é Alt+0233Alt+130 00E9É Alt+0201Alt+144 00C9
ê Alt+0234Alt+136 00EAÊ Alt+0202- 00CA
ë Alt+0235Alt+137 00EBË Alt+0203- 00CB
î Alt+0238Alt+140 00EEÎ Alt+0206- 00CE
ï Alt+0239Alt+139 00EFÏ Alt+0207- 00CF
ô Alt+0244Alt+147 00F4Ô Alt+0212- 00D4
ö Alt+0246Alt+148 00F6Ö Alt+0214Alt+153 00D6
û Alt+0251- 00FBÛ Alt+0219- 00DB

I'm so lucky! I have a keyboard that doesn't need fiddling to get the right keys. I need to find something like this for Lithuanian now. So far, I only have the č (Alt+269), which I need to be able to type my name.

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