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Saturday, 04 August 2012

A lesson in judgement

We had our farmer's market today and I was asked to do an honesty box for the market aside from the usual honesty box in the shop.

The honesty box is simply where we put out fresh produce from the farm and people pay what it's worth. It's totally unmanned. I just check it periodically and top up the veg. 

I had put out some veg, walked away for half an hour and, on returning, saw it looked very empty. The spinach was missing. I had chosen this spinach because of it's lush shine, so it was noticeable at a distance. I looked in the money jar.... 1 cent lay there. My heart sank. I felt an overwhelming sadness at the state of society. It was with a heavy heart that I went back to the garden to find goodies to top up the box. While in the garden, I got some carrot for the horses.

I had just put the rhubarb and radishes in the box, then walked through to chat to Oscar and Chunky when I was approached by the lady in the next door stall. She explained that a woman had come and was worried that the spinach wouldn't be there when she got back, but she had to go and get change for the box. I nearly cried! My faith in humanity was restored and I learned a valuable lesson in judging too quickly. People are amazing! :)


  1. Nice blog Tint and the produce looks really lush.. I wonder why your blog didn't pop up in my In Box?

    I see the tags are saying Ireland???? I'll go and investigate...

    Hugs to you and hope all is well with you.

  2. Lois, Multiply didn't let me know there was a comment here either. Go figure! Yes, we're in Ireland and have been for the close to 3 months now. We're Wwoofing and that is thanks to You! We're loving Ireland and the lifestyle is wonderful :)

    By the way, are you on Facebook or some other blog site? I really want to keep in touch and I struggle to access Multiply.

  3. I didn't get this in my inbox either. How odd. And what a lovely story!

  4. Great story Tint. Oh, you are WOOFING! I was wondering what exactly you were doing. Great choice.


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