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Monday, 28 September 2009

I play with snowballs


A snowflake is a very fragile thing, by itself.... but just look what happens when they stick together!

Some time ago, a dear friend posted a blog to which I commented that small things add up to a big difference. She added, "Keep the luck rolling!" I later threw in a "Sending smiles your way. Keep the luck rolling! Hey... think if you roll the luck that end and I roll it this end, the luck will meet in the middle and create one big luck-ball". Can you see where this is headed? From that, she started a movement... the snowball movement! "I like that image, I want a good luck snowball effect! You know, it rolls down the hill getting bigger and BIGGER..."

You've heard of the 'butterfly effect'. Well, we have a 'snowball effect'. Our snowball effect has since evolved. It's no longer restricted to luck, but to happiness and all things good.

"Snowballs" has become a catch-phrase for us. Whenever we want to send loads of the good stuff, we just send snowballs.

Naturally, as the most snow I have ever played with is a thin layer on the side of the road in the Drakensberg mountains, the photo above isn't taken by me.

Throwing snowballs your way! I feel cooler already : )


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  1. That sounds like a wonderful idea Tint. And if you hang on for a few more weeks, I can send you some real live snowballs that are developed from those snow flakes. Snowballs to you!

  2. Bogey, thanks for stopping by. That would be wonderful! I love hearing about good stuff like that. Feel free to share :)


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