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Friday, 04 September 2009

Ants are not very bright....


... but then, neither are people.

I have  rather daft habit, especially when showering. It's ‘summer’ and the ants are back in full swing. Working up a lather, I watch their epic journey along the tile grouting, heading from some place near the door into the shower fitting. I trace a soapy hand across their path - purely in the name of science and research, naturally.

You see, the ants don't like soap. I don't know if it's the smell or what. The marching infantry comes to a grinding halt ending in clustered, milling confusion while they contemplate (do ants contemplate?) the high wall of 'mountainous' sudsy perfume blocking their path. After a few moments, a few brave souls break away from the bewildered masses to find their way around. I find myself silently rooting for them, "Come on! You can do it!" Sadly, so many turn back just as they're about to reach the end of their soap line. Others reach the end, but veer off in the wrong direction. Finally, I spot the neighbourhood 'out of the box' thinker, the oddball who went in the opposite direction to the masses rounding my soapy obstacle down below. He stops for a moment. "Come on. Come one," I whisper. He turns and makes his way up, eventually meeting up with his comrades on the other side of the line.

Do you see yourself here? I do. So many times I've gone as far as I thought I could, then figured there was no end in sight and turned back or given up. And you know how many times I've milled around at the soap waiting for some kind soul to come along and wash it away... or show me the way? Yep... such is life.

Can you tell I get way too much time to think on buses (or showers)? Today, we were officially on our third day of spring. It was 33°C!! (92°F) Blegh... way too hot. I found myself wishing it would rain. Uh... wishes come true. It bucketed. São Paulo is once again flooded. Tat's students for tonight cancelled first. They couldn't get to class. My student cancelled later. She was stuck in traffic that wasn't moving at all. The usual photos of floating cars are out. Hm... some pretty night scenes of São Paulo here. I have come to the conclusion that São Paulo looks better in the dark. It will give you a good idea of the traffic too.


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