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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Ugh! Ants!

If the regular ants aren't bad enough (this place is alive with them), the termites are the bane of our existence. Jorge went to do some woodwork this morning and called me to see the latest fiasco.


This used to be the base of a woven basket that held goods for donation in our store room. I feel so chemicalled out right now. We have an ongoing fight against termites. I love wood... but we pay a high price for any wood we have. We constantly spot treat any signs of a new invasion. As fast as one treats the last batch of termites, the new swarm of flying ants comes in and the process starts over. At our old house, all the wood in the house was virtually completely hollow... including rafters. The garden was rife with them. The damp here is just so perfect for thriving termite colonies.

We've been threatening to clear out the store room for a while now. This has spurred the activity on. No fun, but it needs doing. Not exactly what I had hoped to spend my weekend doing though. Wonder if this is life's way of nudging me, not so gently, into housekeeping ; )

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