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Monday, 28 July 2008

Monday Magic


Monday is traditionally a day we try our darndest to avoid even considering, so I figured I'd try my darndest to find something good in it.

My day started well. I got work in! Most of my work comes from overseas.... USA, Canada, Europe. It is hard to get work in, as I have to depend on word of mouth and visits to my site. Advertising on the net is awkward and pricey. I don't get local work really (the pub doesn't count), as I am even worse at promoting my work here than on the net. This job wasn't a huge job, but I stand the chance of getting more work in through it. I can hope : )

Oh... and Tatiana got work for tomorrow morning too!
While I was working... I heard the bem-te-vi...
I mentioned on JohnOh's blog a while back that we don't hear bird calls here. That wasn't entirely accurate, as we occasionally get spoiled with the song of the bem-te-vi. "Bem te vi" or "Dear, I saw you".


This photo is not by me. Credit goes to Ceasol on Wikipedia.

I miss hearing bird calls. I don't hear many because my ears are shot and, living on a very busy road in the city, we don't get too many birds at all. The bem-te-vi is an exception. When he calls, the sound really carries. It is a sound I will always associate with the better part of Brazil.

Listen to the  bem-te-vi here

I found a couple of videos of the bem-te-vi.

This little guy is a real show off : )

Hm.... and I spent a few minutes arranging colourful origami stars on a table. Pretty, aren't they? Tat is the origami expert here : )


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