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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Song title - a Picture Perfect theme

I went through mountains of photos and piles of cd's. I had a few options for this theme. I wanted to do something unique... give you music that you perhaps weren't familiar with... and a photo that you weren't familiar with. Every time I went over, though, I came back to this one. Yes, it is my favourite model and the song is "I'm counting on you" by Chris de Burgh. I have often sat, watching her sleep, with the words of this song in my head...

Our children are the future. Too many of our generation are spending time in the past, in history. Too much time is, in my opinion, being spent on 'righting the wrongs of the past', as though it was all bad, and often creating bigger issues for the future. Why can't we just live for now? Why can't we live for the future? The past is important... to learn from... not to live in or obsess over.

I'm counting on you
by Chris de Burgh

The night is so wild, and downstairs the child
Is sleeping, her spirit is free,
For more than an hour, I have walked in the rain,
I've been wondering what she will be,
But where are the heroes, where are the dreams
That I had, when I was young,
Am I hoping in vain, just to think
She could change anything?
Well I'm counting on you;
I'm counting on you to bring that sweet gentleness
To your world and all that you do,
My generation is losing its way
We don't know, what we're leaving for you,
So may there be millions who feel like you do
Oh my love...
There is so much to know,
There is so far to go,
But you are not alone,
When this is your world,
And I'm counting on you;
Come to me, turn to me,
give me your eyes
When you see the mysteries of time,
Here there are those who just live in the past
They will never let history lie,
And this sad little island is breaking my heart
With its dark shades of green,
And as hard as I try,
I just cannot see why
This should be...
I'm counting on you,
There is so much to know,
There is so far to go,
But you are not alone,
When this is your world,
And I'm counting on you,
I'm counting on you...

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  1. Ahh, that's just beautiful, Tinty. Perfect picture, perfect song, perfect sentiments!

    I'm going to pop this link off to a friend who just gave birth to a baby girl.

    hey, HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks for the ecard. The whole family (in-laws included) have had flu and I'm so behind in emails and internet stuff!


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