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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

I remember two of us kids standing in the lounge, putting on a show. We did a very enthusiastic version of Sonja Heroldt's "Jantjie". I remember grape vines. I remember a pool on the other side of the wall that I was a little leery of swimming in. I remember looking up the ladder to the loft and wondering what was up there, too afraid to climb and find out. There was a forest nearby, at least, to me, it was a forest. We used to go there as kids. I remember late at night, Ouma and I running after the train and just barely making it.

I don't have many memories though. I remember my uncle as clearly as though he were standing next to me. My aunt, I remember well, as she is the last one we saw, shortly after Jorge and I got married. I have often wondered where my cousins are now. Last week, I looked my one cousin up, the only male. I started with him, as his name is unusual and the girls would be married by now with different names.

I got an e-mail this morning. I held my breath as I opened it. I barely got through the first line before I had to leave the room and regain control of my runaway emotions which have been on a roller coaster for the rest of the day. It seems that my cousins have been looking for Hamish and I as well. I have spent the day going through Facebook photos and web sites. I like the family I have found... so far. I am afraid of the ghosts, but pleased anyway. We have all changed and grown. The exciting part for me is that they want the contact too. I have decided to treat this as a new meeting. The old ghosts can be put to rest. The question now is, will they like me? I sure hope so. It will be good to have some of my family back again. Who knows, maybe I'll find the rest soon too.

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  1. wow. Awesome, Tint... and scary. Last year we connected to my mom's one cousin and now I have three new family-friends in my email address book and on facebook.

    and I look at their photos and see scraps of myself and my family in theirs... eyes, hair... little things you can't really describe, but sort of feel.

    Scary and exciting. Enjoy the adventure!


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