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Friday, 10 November 2006


I’m having a serious case of ‘wanna go home’. I had a dream the other night that is still with me. I dreamt I went back to Zooberg – or Zuurberg Inn, its real name. I dreamt there are new owners (naturally, as its been more than 25 years since I was there). The building had changed somewhat, though it was added on to the original structure. I dreamt I met the new owners, who didn't know me, naturally, but were interested in the stories I had of years gone by at the Inn. Some time later, I met an old man who recognised me, though I didn't recognise him. He reminded me who he was, the man who used to take me horse-riding as a little girl. As he spoke, in my dream, I remembered parts of my experiences at Zooberg that I had long forgotten. I dreamt too, that I got a job there and we found work for Jorge and Tatiana too.

The next morning, I looked up Zuurberg Inn on the net and found it looking much like it did in my childhood. Gosh, I can even smell the place! I remember the kitchen knew me well and always had a bowl of their custard ready for me for my desert. Custard still has the power to take me back to those idyllic days. I so want to go back. I will still go back... some day. Those were happy, innocent days.

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  1. Anonymous3:06 AM

    What a pretty place! Do you analyze your dreams? The other night I had a dream about orange juice. I didn't remember it until I woke up, and looked in the friedge for the OJ, and it wasn't there. (I almost never buy OJ.) So what did I do? I went out and bought some. I thought maybe my family might need it or something, because of the dream... haha!


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