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Thursday, 02 November 2006

Busy busy...

Its been hectic around here, but I’m finally seeing ‘the light’. Seal Restore depends on word of mouth and folks going to the site. Seal Restore is where my heart lies. I so enjoy working on history…. with all the human interest that surrounds it. Then there’s the Store =) My favourite part of the store is the printable greeting cards and the bookmarks. They’re so easy to open and print. We’re especially proud of our new gsd files though for Wishblade and Craft Robo fans. We’re going full-steam ahead with creating these files. I hope to soon have them integrated with the greeting cards, bookmarks and scrap sets. Carol is so talented and is a wonderful partner in this. Her video tutorials should attract a lot of attention – they’re great! Yesterday, a friend (thank you Cheryl) sent me a link. This lady started baking out of her kitchen and now has her own commercial bakery and even takes online orders for mailing. Now I can do that! My kitchen is by no means fancy, but it works and the things I bake are good. The question is finding the market. What I bake is not known around here, so I’ll have to introduce it to the locals. I’ll see how that goes. For now, I am setting about pricing my ingredients and calculating profits. Hm… I think I’ll involve Jorge in that. Perhaps a “Seal Confections” is in the making? Maybe not… the locals will understand ‘confection’ to be tailored clothing. I need a way around that.

We have another rainstorm this afternoon. The sky turns a greenish colour. I guess summer is truly here. And we bathed the dogs this past weekend…. nice wet dog smells coming up. On the subject of dogs, we had Rover put down this week, so we’re down to 2 dogs. Ah… life happens…


  1. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Tint, you are so talented in BOTH your kitchens! The one with real food, and the one that plugs into the wall!

  2. I wish!! haha! You're so kind :)


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