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Sunday, 03 February 2013

The forest speaks

forest walk 6


~ ~ ~

There is a sound to the forest. It whispers to my soul. It speaks to me of an ancient earth nourishing the roots it holds, of birds chattering on gently swaying branches, each leaf telling me a story of a wisdom older than man. The endlessly flowing stream reminds me of the passage of time, carrying with it all the pains of the past, cleansing, purifying, healing. Rocks, older than time itself, encourage endurance and speak to me of staying strong and true to myself and my dreams.

~ ~ ~

Forest walk 1

I took a walk. We’ve had some rain, you see. This was the first dry, sunny day. I found unexpected rivers in our country lanes.

forest walk 2

The views were all gorgeous!

forest walk 3


forest walk 4

I do love gorse! The gorse here is, to me, symbolic of gutsy endurance, flowering and bringing sunshine to every view right through the dull grey (and sometimes white) winter.

forest walk 5

The country lane eventually dwindled into a bramble-filled track that also showed signs of rain and snow melt ‘rivers’.

forest walk 7

Roads leading off into the distance have always appealed to me. When they’re in a forest, they’re all the more special!

forest walk 8

I think I’ve found the spot I’d love to build a home!

forest walk 9

The walk back was as lovely as the walk up.

forest walk 10

Even the stones were pretty and fascinating. That stone was half the size of my palm and each black spot is a teeny tiny mushroomy fungus thing :)

All in all, it was a delightful walk and just what this body and soul needed!

Needless to say, a walk on the ‘wild side’, for me, would not have been complete without an ‘incident’. I decided to take a short cut across a water-logged field coming home. Bad idea. Up to the ankles in slimy mud was my lesson-of-the-day. Short cuts aren’t always the right way to go.


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  1. Loved the pictures and the chance to visit your present neck of the woods and fields.

    1. As I love visiting your neck of the woods with you :)

  2. What a wonderful walk you had, Corrianne, except for the muddy slimey bit though. I do also agree a nice place with a view to build a home, I doubt I would survive the first winter though. African sunshine is in my blood now. Happy that you are happy and it sings through your blog. Hugs you.

    1. You'd adjust! We thought it would be hard to adjust after 12 years of Brazilian heat, but it wasn't at all. We were wearing t-shirts long after the locals wrapped up. Hugs back!

  3. So beautiful! I miss living in England. Just looking at photos of the woods is so peaceful.

    1. I forgot you'd spent some time in England. We're in Ireland, but it's close enough :)

  4. Lovely, Tint! You can make any object interesting! I notice that you already have spring..

    1. Spring is trying very hard to get going here, Amalie :) Those flowers (the gorse) were blooming all the way through winter though. It was so pretty seeing the yellow through the snow in winter.


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