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Monday, 22 October 2012

The quiet inbetween

I’m often asked, now that the tourist season is pretty much over, what it’s like during the week. We have one more weekend to open to the public, then the only public will be here during special events and pre-arranged tours.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy the absolute peace. It’s tangible!

magical light

Magical light


mossy tree

Mossy tree


office entrance

Entrance to ‘the office’


the office

‘The office’ where I work

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  1. What a lovely page you have designed!!!

    Fabulous photographs of where you are living - what a journey to get here. Much love.

  2. It's been quite a journey indeed, Lois! :) Thanks for the comment on the page. This is actually a design I incorporated from my Multiply page. The header was one I used there a couple of years ago. I'm glad it worked here.

  3. Just love it! Is that some sort of Victorian glass greenhouse at the top? Sharing the same quality of light these days, sun through mist.

  4. Ien, it's the top of the Orangery... a conservatory where they used to put the orange trees during war times, if I have my facts straight. It's now just used as a conservatory for exotic plants and where they hold concerts, weddings, etc. Very pretty, but I prefer it from the outside. It's not my favourite part of the complex.

  5. Your page looks fantastic Tint ! Very well done ! You obviously know your CSS Codes ! The photos certainly speak for themselves - what a wonderful area !

  6. Love your images, Tint! As you mention, they tell quite a story!

  7. just caught up to you, what a lovely place you are working and living in now,,,,,,,,,,,,how do you cope with the cold winters, though?

  8. Thanks Annette! I didn't use CSS here though, just a little html :) It's based on an old theme I had at Multiply.

    Amalie, that's what pictures are for, right? :) Thanks!

    Marianne, it is a truly beautiful place. Winter? Not so bad... just wrap up and seek fireplaces as often as possible ;)


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