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Saturday, 07 January 2012

*Sneaks in and waves*

Hi everyone! So so sorry I abandoned you! Well, I didn't really abandon you. It's just that our internet has been down a lot and I'm not often home at the computer and when I am, I share the pc with Jurgis.

I've had so much to post! I spend a lot of my day thinking of things to write about, but never get around to it. Unlike when I was in Sao Paulo, I don't carry writing materials with me. No sit down on a metro to write happening here.

Christmas is done and gone. Our tree was a gorgeous moss-covered branch on which I hung the most sentimental ornaments we'd brought along. It was pretty. Tatiana was here with us, which was wonderful! The photo up top is of her and Jurgis messing around. It was good to see =) She's gone back to work now and I miss her, but at least we're in the same time zone. We had such fun together. She's so easy to laugh with.

I thought of trying to catch up and fill everyone in on life here, but didn't know where to start, as there's been SO much I've missed blogging, so what I'll do as I think of it is post a photo or two and blog around that. Seems easier. It may be sporadic though. I've decided firmly that when we next get our own place, if anyone suggests we get wifi, I may have to shoot them.

Hmm... what should I blog about first? Ah well... I'm here to say hello and let everyone know I'm still alive and thinking of you all. Yes, indeed I do!


  1. It's great to hear from you! I think about you guys and wonder how things are going. I miss your blogs. I will look forward to whatever you can post and enjoy it!

  2. So good to see you again,Tint! :-)

  3. Hi Debbie! I really need to catch up with you. How are you now? I'm trying to get through everyone's blogs. I've been thinking of you!

    Thanks Amalie! Good to see you too :)

  4. It has been a busy season for so many folks! Glad you could pop in for an update. Your Christmas sounds very nice and peaceful :)

  5. Christmas was good and yes, peaceful :) No noisy neighbours and fireworks and we had the biggest turkey leg I've ever seen. Took us 3 days to finish it!! lol The only sad part for me is that we stopped milking the goats. They're pregnant and dried up, though my favourite is snacking daily on the sugar beet, so I get to chat to her.

  6. *big smile* It's so great to see you. :) You've been on our minds a lot, m'friend! I hope you're enjoying your life right now ... I know the air's got to be better, as well as the views!

  7. I still have tree envy. :)

  8. Ok, I'm way behind...you have goats?! We've had the buck in with ours the last month, so hopefully we'll have kids in the spring. Nobody kidded last year, but 2 does came into milk anyway, and we are still milking them. I just bought a 4.5 year old Alpine doe yesterday, who is due to kid in mid to late February. I've never had babies that early, so I hope to have her shelter warm enough and the kids will be born easily and well. I'm so happy you have goats!

  9. Aww - that photo makes your place look very homey and Christmassy.

    So good to hear from you. I was concerned. I was sure the new job was going to be harder than you may have been led to believe - I knew you would cope but I wanted you all to be so happy also in your new country. Happy New Year to you all.

  10. So glad to hear from you! It's strange but today at work, I was again wondering about you and how things were going.....and here you were blogging while I was wondering.
    Love your little tree ...happy for you to have Christmas in your new home this year too.
    Goats? Now I'm jealous. I hope for a flock of chickens this spring. Jeremy wants to have goats again. We will see.
    Blog about everything!

  11. Cannot wait to be filled in! Glad to see you're still around, love the pic.

  12. We missed you ! Delighted to hear that all is well !
    Happy New Year to you and Family !

  13. We are happy with any crumb that you manage to toss us! Just knowing you are where you want to be, and near your daughter, brings a smile to my face. Just enjoy life.

  14. Missed you so much, darling.................So happy to hear all is well from you, was concerned as you didn't answer emails either. Happy New Year, big hugs, dont worry about catching up, same old same old, we are here. Mwah !

  15. Hey Tint!! Great to hear from you, was wondering where you'd gotten to!! Good to hear everything is ok and that you had a good Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to reading some of your catch-up, as and when you can. Hope you got some shots of the snow on the Beacons, it's always beautiful to look at.

  16. I noticed you'd gone quiet, I thought it must be an internet connection issue.

    I like your idea of blogging round a photo or two now and again, show us glimpses of your new life.

    (but I wonder, what's behind that comment about wifi?)

  17. Kippy, the air is amazing! Heck, even my skin has improved by leaps and bounds. I don't have to scrub layers of pollution off every night!! I miss you!

    Katey, I'll send you a tree next year. Meet me at Vic Station, ok? I'll be the freaky-looking one with a branch LOL Besides, the idea was yours!

    Faye, yes, we have goats. They're my favourite part of the farm!! Quite a few are pregnant. We even have one with a false pregnancy. Apparently she does it every year. They have Guernseys here (I'm fairly sure I spelled that wrong). We've had a billy with them. He's like an over-excited, smelly puppy lol I can't wait for the kids!

    Lois, I need to sort through my photos. I haven't taken nearly as many as I'd like to. I think this is the first year we didn't do a photo shoot over Christmas with the three of us. I left my tripod behind in Brazil. We're happy in Wales and yes, that's what counts :)

    Aw Jules :) I think you'd have liked the tree. I should post a pic just of the tree. It was simple, but it had all the spirit it needed to have. Get a couple of goats. They're absolute treasures and the milk is worth it, but make sure your fencing is good before you start lol They're master escape artists. A flock of chickens is good too.

    Lolly, that will take a while lol

    Happy New Year to you too, Annette! To all of you, really :)

    Ien, thanks... that is totally my intention... enjoying life and having Tat nearby is the cherry on top!

    Marianne, emails? Must check. When I finally got around to checking mail, my poor mailbox was hopelessly overloaded. It was a case of look in, go into instant overwhelm, shut down and hide. Sorry I kind of faded out on you there.

    Mitch, there isn't much snow on the Beacons either! Pen y Fen is the only one that has had any noteworthy snow. The Black Mountains had a smattering, but it's long gone. We're in spring weather and all the trees and bushes are budding!

    Meirav, the internet has driven us crazy! The wifi comment? Well, in Brazil we were on adsl... a nice, secure, usually working fixed connection. Here we're on wifi and it's like playing Russian roulette! We wake up thinking... wonder if there'll be internet today. Tatiana's on wifi too and we often curse it. Her internet is so sporadic, it actually gets annoying watching her come on and offline constantly.

  18. oh. I didn't realise wifi was so unreliable :/

    (I haven't got as far as trying it yet. my laptop is too ancient for wifi.)


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