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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Coity Bach

Here I am in the beautiful Brecon Beacons. This is a really quick post with no photos. I have to figure out how to get my photos into my blogs without installing software on this pc.

We're on our own here now. The family have gone on their holidays. The sun is still shining... that cold front that was promised hasn't hit us yet, which is something of a relief. As I sit here, the birds are fluttering around the feeders outside my window. I've done the milking and taken the goats to the top field. There's SO much to do! But it's all good. Our cabin is just that... a cabin. It's tiny, but as it will be used, quite literally, just for flopping exhausted into bed at night, all's good.

Thank you Soooooooo much to Kippy for the awesome, amazing, splendiferous box!! It goes well in the cabin and the box has proven invaluable in there too. Oh... and Tat got her portion *laugh* Katey, thank you for the sugar overload. We needed it to stay awake and it helped. It was warming too for the cooler nights. Please thank your mom for me. I assume she did the knitting. Those gloves are going to be Well Used! They're perfect! The card was sweet too.

In all, the Welsh people are wonderful... so, so friendly. Everyone, wherever we go, is ready for a chat. They're open, helpful, friendly, smiley... what's not to like?

Coity Bach, the farm, has two holiday cottages. They're part of my duties here. We have people in both cottages. Oh they're lovely! If you ever come to Wales, you must stay in the cottages! The walks are delightful and the scenery spectacular. We have our own Black Mountain, Table Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain. I'm inundated with new names. The goats... charming creatures ('cept when Lilly kicked the bucket of milk over me), the pigs, the horses (Tat's in horse-heaven), the geese, chickens, peacocks - yes, even the peacocks are charming. I don't know why people complain about them.

Anyway... got to dash. I'll try and get back on here as soon as I can to catch up with everyone and post photos. Missing you all!


  1. I'm glad to see you made it safe and sound! It seems like a wonderful place. I am going to have to back track to see details of eveything because I must have missed a lot. xoxo hugs!!

  2. It sounds like my kind of place, you lucky fish , you . Not that you do not deserve it ! So very happy for you. Loads of Hugs. Send us your postal address and list of goodies needed. Mwah

  3. So glad you're in welsh heaven there! Sounds fab - can't wait to hear more. :)

  4. So wonderful to hear from you! :) Have a great first weekend!

  5. Bore Da, Tint!! Welcome to Wales!! Glad to hear you're settling in well. The Beacons are a beautiful place and you will have a great time exploring your new surroundings. The highest peak in the Beacons is Pen Y Fan. If you have a LOT of energy, it's worth the hike to the top, the views are amazing.

  6. How wonderful to hear (read, lol) you're safe and sound and happy! It sounds like you found you're little piece of heaven!
    Hmmm, cottages for vacation, eh? And Wales only an hour and a half flight from Amsterdam ... *WINK*

  7. So glad to hear from you. I was wondering how things were going. It all sounds lovely! .I have always wanted to visit the British Isles. My ancestors came from Scotland. As to the Peacocks, I never minded them. I thought they were such pretty things, except there was this one that my mom had who left a rather large gift on the back porch every morning!

  8. it sounds heavenly!!! so happy for you tint!! :)

  9. are you near her?? this is like old home week!

  10. Sounds like you're living a dream ???. It all sounds so pleasant (especially the Chickens ~:<) If one must work... It seems a good kind of work (the animals).
    ... I'm so glad this seems to be working out so well for you and your family (tat too).. (get it? Tattoo).
    ... Looking forward to pictures of your new life. To post pictures you can simply "upload from this computer' or "Browse" which could be a USB jump drive, or SD card (Removed from your camera?) with your photos on it. No additional software needed, nothing installed on computer.

  11. This is so, so exciting to read! I am glad that you are there safely, that the reunion was good and that you are settling in! Before you know it, you will be old pros at life there and it will all seem second nature!
    It is such a dramatic change in every possible way, from landscape to home to chores to people to climate, to little things like background noises, and sleeping at night, I am sure that the adjustments seem huge on occasion, but an adventure! It will be nice to have the changing people in the cabins and also-- the fresh air :-)
    What amazing pictures and stories you will have to share! I can't wait! Welcome home!

  12. Kat, there wasn't much to miss. While we were planning this, I wasn't blogging.

    Thanks for the offer, Marianne. I'm in the land of Seffie shops now though. Tat was laughing at me when I kept finding things I hadn't tasted in years. First visit to Cardiff, I bought a Cadburys flake and a Crunchie!

    Thanks Jenny! And Katey! =)

    The Beacons are amazing, Mitch! I'm quite literally in awe every time I look out. One day, I'll even (I hope) be able to pronounce the names.

    Debbie, the packages are the least of what gets left. The animals pretty much come and go here. I'm learning to play hopscotch all over again lol I hope you're doing well. Thinking of you!

    Thanks Kim!!

    Bert, there are many chickens. I love the rooster crows. Yes, it is good work. You would know :) Uploading photos isn't the problem. The problem is that the photos are on my mobile, which needs software to connect to the pc. I will have to transfer them to Tatiana's laptop, so she can upload them for me... if she can get online.

    Ah Marty, the reunion was indeed good! The change is good... we've gone back to a lifestyle that is very familiar to us and it feels wonderful. We've missed it! Strangely, in the city, my sense of smell was over-sensitive. Smells other people wouldn't notice would make me gag. Here, everything smells sweet, even the old billy goat that everyone complains about. It's too funny!

  13. oh Tint Im so glad youre there and happy..its been such a long journey...lots of love to Tat...please please send me your ad and let me know if theres anything you need!!

  14. Yay {happy dance}! So wonderful to hear from you! It sounds just fantabulous! {happy sigh} I hope you all have a great weekend and you're well and truely into a good routine by the time that cold front moves in and it continues to "all be good". Happy days :-D

  15. Wonderful to see you so excited and happy!

  16. Glad to hear that you made it to Wales safe and sound.... and getting settled slowly but surely. Welcome home !

  17. Fantastic ... absolutely fantastic! And you're so welcome. It was nice of Ceri to agree to receive it and make sure it was there waiting for you. :)

  18. Sounds like you're having a wonderful beginning! Cant wait to hear more about it!

  19. Reading in between the joy of finally, finally, getting out of Brazil and into a new homeland with everything around so new and exciting - I can hear that you are going to be really tired for a while yet until the chores settle into familiarity and a routine. Milking the goats will be a help - they are such a peaceful animal to milk once they decide to love you.

    In the meanwhile, just wonderful news we are hearing and I am sending you some cyber-energy to keep you going - (nearly as good for energy as chocolate ) Huggles Girl.


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