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Saturday, 07 May 2011


My apologies to the squeamish for this photo. It's a good thing we don't have scratch 'n sniff technology. Trust me, it smelt a lot worse than it looks!

For about a week, wherever I walked, there were macumba 'artefacts' lying around - candles in one place, random chickens in another, but none to rival my one walk. Every second block had an entire row of chickens. Is that desperate macumba?

No, it wasn't the prolific macumba that influenced my disappearance... though you never know, right? I got very busy. My weeks were taken up with teaching - with brief stops at home to change clothes or pick up materials, dinner at 9pm and falling into bed. Saturday afternoons were filled with laundry and housekeeping and Sunday found me under a pile of papers preparing for the next week. I think I lost myself somewhere in there.

I've been pretty under the weather, topped, this weekend, by a cold - kindly contributed by the sniffing cashier, I'm sure. I threatened to disinfect my bank card when I got home and forgot. I should sue them for Vit. C tablets... or her. Her... uh... nasal hygiene left a lot to be desired.

I really, really want to write again, but I tend to write 3 lines before my mind wanders and the pen lies idle. I have at least 6 draft posts here that will probably never see the light of day. Their impetus is quite gone.

So, in short, beyond tripping over chicken remains in the road, a very bad diet of snatched snacks at odd hours, blearily looking at my over-full mailbox in the evenings, I have nothing to report. Life, as it is, is continuing at a steady (and, today, noisy) pace. The sun is shining and the neighbours are vying with each other to see who can play the worst music the loudest. Their attempts at barbecues aren't very successful either. I strongly suspect that I'm going to work smelling of wood-smoke this week. I suppose I should take that laundry down before it's totally cured...


  1. I think I need a nap just reading about that WOOSH! I did miss you though and, uhm, thank you for not implementing smellovision. Bleargle!!!

    You live in SUCH an interesting place - lots of unexpectedness!

  2. Somebody should feed those poor chickens.

  3. Well I guess wood smoke is better than rotting chickens.

    Why, do you think, are there so many offerings now? Is there something going on I should know about? I won't kill a chicken, but I have my ways haha.

    Sorry you're swamped, sick and tired. Will it get better soon? I've missed you. xo

  4. This should be playing in the background while reading this:

  5. Good grief!! That's enough potential chicken soup to cure you!

  6. I think that's a good idea! Good to have you back online, Tint.

  7. Naps are good things. Have one for me too!

  8. I think they're somewhat beyond feeding, poor things

  9. I actually love the smell of wood smoke, Kat. I just wish it didn't come with the music. As for the offerings? I have absolutely no idea! I was walking along wondering the same thing... is there something I should know?

    No, it won't get better. I'm happy enough like this though. It keeps the coffers filled and keeps me from thinking.

  10. Anyone who makes chicken soup out of that lot will be cured for keeps!

  11. Thanks Amalie : ) I did rescue the laundry.

  12. Wow, certainly different strokes for different folks! When it rains, it pours, as far as work goes. I'm glad you have plenty of work, but hope for a balance so you can take care of yourself and your husband, and recover from that cold! Folks are getting a good round of colds around our neighborhood, too. Be well :)

  13. No fun seeing all of that and smelling it ick.
    Is that all the time?
    You stay so busy! xx

  14. Yikes! I could almost smell that. Lovely to see you even for a bit. Thank the sniffling cashier, you need a break.

  15. THAT is a GREAT picture, Tint! I love it! And I do love that you are busy and have loads of work when it seems like so recently you were worried , someone has been smiling on you! (and not on the chickens!)
    I am very glad to hear from you though because I worry when you don't check in once in a while like this!
    We have had colds/allergies all mixed up here as well, hard to tell anymore which is which and it doesn't really matter. hope that YOU feel fine soon, get loads of rest and take some time for yourself before you worry about us! HUGS!

  16. For the chickens, the sniffy bank teller... YUCKY YUCKY YUCK

    For you - big hug and get well wishes (I love cyber hugs - no bugs were exchanged during this show of sympathy! LOL)

  17. the photo itself isn't that squeemish until you tell us how much it reeks. :) doesn't sound like a fun walk at all. around here all the trees are blossoming. it smells quite pleasant, but the allergies....ahhhhchoo!!! have to take meds this time of year for sure. ummm...i agree with magickat~ love that song. :)) i could find a godsmack song to go with any blog entry. hehehe. when you were talking about having to hear bad music though i thought i have to listen to that a LOT inside of my own house and car with my teenagers around. rap, i am not a fan of. lol

  18. Sounds like you're having all the fun. What with chickens in the street and BBQ. What more could you ask for?? Oh, yeah, better music. Take care.

  19. Faye, we're going into what passes for winter here. It's a time when colds start popping up all over the show. Luckily, I don't get sick easily. It's already heaps better.

    Janet, one thing I won't miss about Brazil when we leave here is the smells haha! But no... we don't get the smell of rotting chickens that often ; ) Thing is, it's a hot country, so things go off a lot quicker, so smells, I guess, are inevitable to a degree.

    Ien, I wish it did mean a break. Not going to happen : )

    Marty, you're SO right! Yes! It was just the other day when I was stewing over not making it. I am so so so grateful!

    Thanks for the show of sympathy, Michelle *laughing here*

    Kimmy, can I move in with you? Blossoming trees sound like just what the doctor ordered right now : ) I'll take the allergies. Blossoms don't affect me. Trust me, there's music and there's music. I could take Tat's music (and she has some... uh... loud music), but this music is.... ghastly! One of these days, I'm going to record our neighbourhood for you all to be tortured with LOL

    Hi Ron! Good to see you : ) Yes, I definitely could do with better music around us on a weekend. Thanks for visiting!

  20. OF COURSE!!!!!! :) would love to hear that music. It must be off key or something to be worse than rap. Heck i can even deal with "screamo" music ove rap! Haha


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