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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Star light, star bright

southern milky way panorama
Photo credit goes to Alec Kennedy. I suspect he is not the creator of the site, but I found the site informative anyway.

On a clear night, when I lie in bed and angle my head to look up out the window, I look straight at the Southern Cross. For me, it is very appropriate that the top star of the Southern cross is named Theta Carina. I don't know much on the subject of astronomy, but I do know that the bottom star is brightest and perfect for wishing on : )

We're far from any decent bakeries. Oh there is a bakery at Walmart, but the bread is dry and not nice. There is another bakery, Cepam, but you pay through your nose and the bread isn't great. So... I'm finally back to bread baking. I got myself some bread pans at the dollar store (I nearly fainted when I saw the price of pans at Walmart) and we're baking every second day. I say 'we', as Jurgis is perfect for kneading dough! The finished result was light, fresh, filling, tasty.... need I go on? This photo is an old one. I'm too lazy to haul out the camera and I really should be hauling out my sewing machine instead.

18Novt2007-breadbaking 002

Life is not all perfect though. The cats are annoying us beyond belief. The one, in particular, sits outside our front door crying all day... an insistent, persistent, wail. I'm angry about this. The cats, for street cats, are totally dependant on being fed... totally! The woman who lived here tamed them and fed them regularly, even trying fresh meat on them, which they rejected, apparently. You should have seen how they ran up to her when she came here. She left them because they're 'street cats', but not before she'd had them spayed. Now we've inherited the problem. There's a good reason I only have one cat. As it is, we feed a lot of animals. Pet food is not cheap here. She had the cats spayed, but not dewormed, obviously. To me, they were her pets. What if the people who moved in were cat haters who'd maltreat them?
"Many of you have forgotten this truth but you must never forget it: you remain responsible, forever, for what you have tamed." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Tat is online! Properly! Or as 'properly' as WiFi let's one be online. Yay!

Ok, now I need to get my sewing machine out. I have some unexpected time off. One student cancelled out completely (financial problems) and another cancelled just today due to unforeseen circumstances. It's the kid and she'll put the class back, so that is good.


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