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Monday, 13 July 2009

Blegh : (


So Tat gets her revenge. Seriously, I think she planned this, strategically leaving germs behind in places I'd never expect to find them. I never ever get sick!! I was sooo proud of myself for once again avoiding the dreaded C... Dirty, Rotten, Miserable Cold!

You know why I'm sick? Because that is the eternal law of the Universe, since primary school. Give me a school holiday or a trip somewhere and guess who will get the chicken pox? Me. No getting sick during school time for me, but when I get time off!! My students are mostly all done for the school holidays. Tomorrow I get to sleep a little later. Guess who will be up early because it's too dang uncomfortable to sleep with a cold. Bah humbug.

And guess who's done absolutely nothing this weekend? I had grand plans to do the week's lesson plans on Saturday, so that I could relax today. I ended up sleeping 3 hours yesterday afternoon. That was one serious nap! Now it is close to 10pm and I'm stewing over lesson plans. One late night coming up. Now if I had achieved anything else this weekend, that would be fine, but I didn't. I spent most of my time staring at the computer screen waiting for IT to do something.

So, anyone else have a wonderful weekend? Ignore the grouch. My weekend was actually great : ) Seriously! I just had some ginger and cinnamon tea to warm me up. I was freezing. I just couldn't warm up. I'm cosy now and off to bed. Lessons are done. Tomorrow I'll be right as rain.

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  1. Sorry to hear aren't feeling well Tint. Get better soon. Once your classes are done, maybe you will have a chance to relax a little. Get better soon.

  2. The classes stopping for the holidays has been part of the stress, as when I don't work, I don't get paid. I get no holiday or sick pay. I'm eager for students to get back to it and quickly too! haha! The marking of the final tests was stressy though. Not something I'd like to do too often. I'm on the mend now and raring to go. Thank you so much for stopping by to wish me well :)


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