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Saturday, 13 June 2009

A rainbow umbrella

Tat and I went in to town today to do a recording. I was grateful, as all my students had cancelled this week for one reason or another. Tat did a narrative on the internet. Mine was interesting, on Freud and the power of dreams and their place in the study of the human mind. What is the correct pronunciation for Freud anyway?

While in town, we saw a crowd around a trio electrico, a huge truck with mega sound systems from which performers play. It was a forerunner to tomorrow's gay parade, rather ironical right after Brazil's version of Valentine's day, Dia dos Namorados. The place was cluttered with gays of all kinds. They were selling rainbow wrist bands, rainbow ties, rainbow everything. I sooo want one of those rainbow umbrellas!!

Note, the photos aren't mine. They were found on random blogs. If I could give credit, I would. The top one is particularly lovely. Which brings me back to my next gripe... my C drive is once again being formatted. It seems my boot sector is damaged. I was fine until I powered off and wanted to turn the pc on this morning *sigh*

Getting back to gay umbrellas... can someone tell me why they get all the colour? If I bought one and actually used it, I'd be labelled as gay. That is so not fair. Bearing in mind, we are living in what is known as the gay capital of Latin America or something to that effect. They're shutting off one of São Paulo's main business districts' roads for their parade tomorrow. Tat said we should go... just for fun... with the camera, but then, I don't want to take the camera into town without my body guard, who, incidentally, won't be caught within a thousand miles of anything remotely gay. I just can't win.


  1. Tint, you don't strike me as the type of person who would really care what other people thought about you. You know who and what you are. Why should it matter? Buy the umberella....it will make you happy every time you use it! And I wasn't sure if you were really kidding about the Freud pronunciation but just in case, you would say it as though it rhymed with Floyd.

    The next picture of a Rainbow umberella better have you standing under it!

    (Just kidding!)

  2. Bogey, you're quite right. I don't usually care much what people think about me. I do try to keep up appearances for work though and I would need to use the umbrella for work. I have pretty much decided that if I see them again and have cash on me, I'll definitely be buying one.

    Uh... no... I wasn't joking about the Freud bit. I have seriously always pronounced it the way it is written, as that way sounded more Germanic to my ears and because I'd never given it much thought before. I checked it out, though, and found a pronunciation site where a German uploaded an mp3 and 'Froid' is correct :)


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