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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Ten thought Tuesday


  1. I need to write
  2. One thing at a time
  3. I need to vacuum sooo badly
  4. I need to make a call
  5. Why is procrastination so easy?
  6. Coming up with 10 remotely coherent thoughts is so much harder than it sounds
  7. I wish people wouldn't mumble!!
  8. Why can't life be simple?
  9. It's a beautiful day outside
  10. Telephones are not evil. Telephones are not evil. Telephones are not evil. Telephones are not evil. (Just trying to convince myself)

I made a long-procrastinated call to US Immigration (in the USA). I was terrified. I was also very impressed with the service. I went through the options to get to the right department and was immediately spoken to!! I wasn't put on hold for 2 hours... how refreshing! He was so helpful too and willing to take as many questions as I had. I hadn't expected that, so went prepared with too few questions. I will certainly call again when I need to.

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1 comment:

  1. Telephones aren't evil... I must try that!

    Good luck, good wishes, everything I can throw at you from Shamrocks to prayer candles!

    ...and an award! ;-)



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