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Saturday, 23 December 2006

White Christmas!!

We had a snowball fight today - in Brazil!

Reality check: Its raining buckets outside, interspersed with thunder. We took the turkey out of the freezer this morning. It was quite thoroughly caked with ice. Tat started scraping the ice off - a weirdism of hers. She scrapes ice from the supermarket freezers too. I looked at her hands and it looked so like snow... white, crystally and cold. I scraped off a handful and threw it at her.... she threw some back - a snowball fight!! It was wonderful! We decided to spread our seasonal cheer to where Jorge was sitting. Suffice to say, he's threatened to get his own back on us =D

The spice cookies are in the oven and I've just taken the first batch out. They came out perfect and smell heavenly! Once they're all done (I quadrupled the mixture), I'll get started on the shortbread and the chocolate cookies. Yum!

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  1. Beverly Hicks6:29 PM

    Hi Tint and family,
    you make me jealous you are so in the spirit of Christmas. I can't seem to get out of the moody blues but your card and blog helped. It made me smile when I thought of your snow fight. LOL
    Have a wonderful New year,
    With much love,


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